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GenSaver™ 2.0 Specimen Collection Cards

GenSaver™ 2.0 Specimen Collection Cards

GenSaver™ 2.0 specimen collection cards are specifically designed for collection and transport of of easily identified samples such as whole blood and plant tissue samples –and long-term preservation of DNA at ambient temperature. DNA preserved on GenSaver™ 2.0 can be used even after 22 years of ambient storage to generate high quality STR and Next Generation Sequencing data.

  • DBS technology has become the preferred method for DNA samples collection for human genetics and forensic DNA identification. The reduced size of DBS allows easy storage of biosamples at ambient temperature, a key factor in forensic laboratories which typically handle a significant amount of samples simultaneously.  GenSaver 2.0 collection cards feature:

    • Long-term ambient preservation of DNA
    • Free of amplifiable human DNAFree of DNase and RNase
    • High quality NGS data
    • Customized and ready-to-use biosample collection cards
    • Compliant to ISO 18385

    GenSaver™ 2.0 specimen collection cards are treated with a new-to-market proprietary chemistry allowing long-term preservation of DNA at ambient temperature.

    GenSaver™ 2.0 cards are designed for the collection, transport and storage at ambient temperature of DNA from biological fluids. The fiber-based material of these cards is made of pure absorbent fibers, impregnated with a proprietary chemical formulation intended to prevent environmentally induced degradation for long-term ambient preservation of DNA. 

    The cards are suitable for a wide range of applications including:

    • Human identification
    • Genomics
    • Animal identification
    • Plasmid screening
    • Transgenic identification
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