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TASA's innovative, reliable reagents enable researchers and life science laboratories to rapidly and efficiently isolate DNA and RNA from Dried Blood Spot and Dried Saliva Spot samples, while recovering high-yield and high-quality nucleic acids.



TASA OneTube Genomic DNA Dried Saliva Spot Sample Collection & Isolation Kit changes the way genomic DNA is processed from saliva by combining into a single device using novel protocol, enabling DNA collection and isolation to be faster, cost-effective, and more efficient, while providing high quality and high yield DNA for genetic analysis. 

Dried Saliva Spot (DSS) sampling is non-invasive, easy-to-collect and safely transported – and SARS-CoV-2 samples remain stable for over 12 months at ambient temperature. 

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Biobanking Doesn't Have to Cost a Fortune

TASA's cost-effective Dried Blood Spot and Dried Saliva Spot microsample biobanking solution enables biospecimens to be preserved and protected at ambient temperature – and it's freezerless.


What We Do?

TASA Science designs, develops, manufactures, and supplies novel sample collection, purification kits, and other ancillary products for molecular testing. We use innovative dried blood spot and dried saliva spot technologies to make DNA and RNA collection and processing better, faster, and more affordable.

What We Offer?

Test Tubes

Biological Sample Collection & Preservation Device

In efforts to support the increases in lab testing demand globally, a proper and safe collection, handling and transporting of specimens is essential. TASA Science's easy-to-use collection device allows Dried Blood Spot and Dried Saliva Spot samples to be transported safely, stabilized and preserved at room temperature.


TASA FastEx Rapid DNA/RNA Purification and Extraction Kit

TASA Science offers complete solution and high quality reagents for DNA & RNA purification and extraction of Dried Blood Spot and Dried Saliva Spot samples on the preservation cards. We provide an all-in-one fast, simplified method for maximizing the recovery of nucleic acids in sufficient quantities for downstream analytical studies.

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TASA Integrated One-Tube Total Prep Kit 

Sample collection and DNA & RNA extraction are expensive and time-consuming steps, which provide the foundation of molecular diagnostic workflow. TASA Science offers a simple Integrated OneTube system that combines Dried Blood Spot and Dried Saliva Spot sample collection, transport, DNA & RNA isolation, storage, retrieval and bio-banking in a single tube, saving processing time and money. 

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